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Blog Reviews and Link Building

The Best Tips On Search Engine Optimization In 2018

A blog review is one of the latest revolutions in services offered for improving website rankings on search engine pages. With technological advancement and introduction of internet, a lot of online transactions are taking place thus increasing the demand for online blog reviews.

Blog reviews not only improve website rankings but also help in securing unique position in the minds of customers by building a strong brand image. Besides creating awareness in the minds of customers, blog reviews also help in reading the minds of other bloggers or customers. Blog review is more or less the exact impression which customers carry about various products and services offered by a site thanks to our website to learn more about Search Engine Optimization | Creative Lounge 

Blog reviews not only symbolize an easy way to purchase links to website but also result in multiple links and thereby block certain key term results. Blog reviews are very crucial particularly because they are being scrutinized by Google and other popular search engines as a source for future link building. Few practices that need to be implemented before taking up a blog review campaign are stated below:

• It is always advisable to contact bloggers directly and negotiate the price they would charge for offering blog review services.

• In case you are too busy to contact the blogger directly, you can resort to blog review services. These companies usually charge 30% to 50% of gross blog revenue and also pay the blogger themselves.

Proper Ways To Improve SEO Rankings

• When utilizing blog review services, beware of blogs that have been exclusively set up for reviews since they are highly susceptible to be penalized by Google for selling links and unable to divert sufficient customer traffic to your site. Before proceeding any further, ensure that these blogs publish relevant and original content relating to SEO Services on Creative Lounge SEO.

• Be very careful when you deal with blogs that have review badges. Although not all blogs with review badges are bad some of them are of very poor quality and hence should be avoided.

• When receiving review services, you have the chance to mention about your business along with specific guidelines for the blogger. Never ask all bloggers to write similar reviews on your business. Ask some of them to come up with true and honest feed backs while ask others to mention in general that the site was interesting and useful while ask the others to do some comparative study.

• Make use of review sites where advertiser lists down his offerings and blogs place their bids for being given an opportunity to write their blog reviews. However, make sure that you do not use the same option again and again. Make necessary changes in business description, links and requirements on a regular basis.

• Never purchase blog reviews based on blog page rankings. Instead you may yourself do some reviews without direct links and ask the blogger to link to other blogs.

• Procure a nice and well written blog review, book mark it, stumble it, get it linked and post it in Digg. This can help you long term benefits by increasing customer traffic on your website.

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