Deep House Music Production Tricks

Are you really looking to create the correct feel and vibe for your following deep house track? This post can look in any way the different elements and discuss do you need a computer for maschine studio?

The drum patterns in this style of music usually do not move away from the normal 4/4 routine but simply leaving them quantized and straight will lead to a quite abnormal feeling track. To redress this you’ll need to create some swing. This could be done by adding a straightforward 16th note quantization from your sequencer. A more natural feel can be got if you disable the quantize in your pattern and manually add somewhat swing yourself. This is easily done by either bringing the first snare of the bar somewhat before or after the beat and leaving the second as it’s or making the first and moving the second about quite marginally. Spend a little experimenting with this to get the feel which you enjoy. It’s probably that as the track develops you are going to need to make readjustments.

Attempt to use a midi keyboard to record your riffs, bass lines and progressions whenever possible. Again this gives a more natural feel to the track. Feeling the beat in your fingers as you play is an excellent way in order to add life to the track and add groove and timings which you may have overlooked if only programming with a mouse. By recording several of chooses this manner you are going to also probably think of some minor variations that will be excellent for keep the track interesting as it develops. Of course you are going to need to go into your editor after and tighten it up. You might want to quantize your operation that will be good but again after you have done that turn the quantize away and manually transfer several notes to come just before or after the beat to keep everything seeming “tight” and natural.

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